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GPS & GNSS Base Station and Rover Receiver

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Used with the Trimble TSC2 Windows-based Controller (pictured), the Trimble R6 gives surveyors the latest in GNSS technology in a user-friendly system that is lightweight, rugged, and cable free.

The receiver itself combines a highly integrated and advanced GPS receiver, precision antenna, long-life battery and integrated communications in a rugged and reliable body Choose the type of communications to best fit how your crews work.

The Trimble R6 receiver delivers the accuracy and reliability required for precision surveying with superior tracking and RTK performance With GPS L2C included, and the GLONASS option, you can track more satellites and measure more successfully in challenging environments L2C provides more than justadditional signals The advanced signal structure provides better strength for more reliable satellite tracking.

Model: R6

Manufacturer: Trimble



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