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Olympus BX51 Microscope

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Olympus BX51 Microscope BX microscopes are equipped with UIS2 Optical System. The UIS2 minimizes image distortion and increases image quality. Other benefits include aberration-free performance, increased NA, concentrated illumination and an eco-friendly design. Completely lead-free, the UIS2 is made out of a glass and is not only an environmentally sound option, it allows for clearer, brighter, beautifully contrasted images with little to no noise. In addition to being versatile, the UIS2 accommodates all Olympus microscopes. The BX51 model offers the following features: Y-shaped frame with easy access controls adjustable for right/left hand Ceramic-coated, rotating, torque mechanical stage XY stage control Low-positioned fine/coarse controls Ergonomic design and attachments, including risers and tilting eyepieces Multiple turrets and condensers Photo-tube accessory for video and film cameras Both models also have multiple condensers to allow for an array of contrast techniques, including bright field, dark field, DIC, polarization and phase contrast.

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