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Varian UV-Visible spectrophotometer

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A benchtop spectrophotometer, used to make UV-visible absorbance measurements to quantify related characteristics of a solution, designed for research-grade analyses of biological or highly absorbing samples.

The Varian Cary 300 is a double beam instrument that allows the recording of real-time baseline corrections. Also, it is also possible to operate the instruments in single beam, double beam, or dual-single beam modes. A phase locked wavelength drive prevents peak shifts and peak suppression at high scan speeds. Double choppers ensure that the sample and reference beam strike the detector at the same point, removing any potential errors caused by nonuniformity of the detector. Variable slits allow optimum control over data resolution. Quartz overcoating protects the optics from the environment and allows cleaning without damage to reflective surfaces. For more information, please refer to the Varian Brochure

Model: Carry300 bio

Manufacturer: Varian



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