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500 MHz NMR Spectrometer

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Two channel 500 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for solution-state NMR spectroscopy. Equipped with a dual 1H/13C helium-cooled cryoprobe.

NMR is an non-destructive technique that is primarily used for molecular structure determination, though many other applications of the technique are possible, including quantitative measurements for the analysis of mixtures. It is non-destructive. Sample quantities are strongly dependent on the information required and the instrument utilised, but for routine NMR work on a room temperature probe, typically mgs or 10mgs of sample are required. However, a cryoprobe is significantly more sensitive than a room temperature probe to the extent that experiments can typically be acquired ca. 16x faster (when sensitivity is the time limiting factor). The sample must dissolve in a solvent for solution-state NMR.

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Model: AV(III)500

Manufacturer: Bruker



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