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X-ray Diffractometer

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The Bruker D8 X-ray diffractometer has a vertical goniometer and is normally fitted with a quarter circle eulerian cradle. The sample holder on the cradle has five degrees of movement: the usual X, Y, and Z movements plus phi (rotation of the sample about its own axis) and chi (tilting of the sample). In addition to the common powder diffraction measurements, this permits texture and stress work to be carried out. With an appropriate sample, measurements can be made from about ½º 2θ¸ upwards; the maximum angle being about 150º 2θ.

Samples upto a maximum height of 40cm can be accommodated.

Since the sample holder is horizontal it is feasible to carry out measurements on liquid systems.

Techniques that require the use of a point source of X-rays can make use of a monocapollary attachment.

The quarter circle cradle can be replaced by a high temperature furnace. This uses a band type heater and can be operated in the range 400 - 1400ºC.

Experiments can be carried out in air, vacuum, inert gas and some other environments.

A range of software is available to aid the analysis of results.

Model: D8

Manufacturer: Bruker


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