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Perkin Elmer Wallac Victor3 V 1420 Multilabel Plate Counter

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VICTOR3 is a multilabel, multitask plate reader for all light-emitting and light-absorbing detection technologies including: fluorescence (top and bottom), luminescence, absorbance, UV absorbance, time-resolved fluorometry, and fluorescence polarization. You chose the detection technologies you need and upgrade as your needs change. A small bench top unit, VICTOR3 can operate as a stand-alone instrument or can integrate into a robotic system. Specifications: Fluorescence (340 – 850 nm) • Dual ratio measurements • Top and bottom fluorescence Luminescence • Glow luminescence • Flash luminescence • Dual luminescence Photometry (340 – 800 nm) UV Photometry (260 nm/280 nm) Time-resolved Fluorometry (TRF) • Dual window TRF • Dual emission measurements Fluorescence Polarization (400 – 850 nm)

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