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Vacuum Calibration Chamber

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At the heart of the facility is the Vacuum Calibration Chamber (VCC). Designed from the ground up to support the calibration of space-based radiometers, this chamber offers the highest standards of precision and hydrocarbon-free cleanliness. The quality of the vacuum environment is assured through monitoring of trace gas species from 1 to 200 AMU using quadrupole mass spectrometer. The chamber is equipped with five 254mm conflat flanges in a radial configuration for accepting radiation sources. The usable inside diameter and height are 800mm and 922mm respectively. The tank pumping is completely oil-free. Roughing is done with a molecular drag pump and high-vac is achieved with cryogenic condensing array of 1500l/s capacity. When empty, the chamber can achieve a vacuum of better than 1.0e-8 torr. There are two main subsystems which extend the chamber's capabilities: a two-axis articulating table and a thermal shroud. Within the chamber is a table capable of 300mm of vertical travel and continuous 360 degree rotation, with motion resolution of 0.05mm and 0.5 degrees respectively. Load capacity is 30kg. The table can be used to point a spectrometric or radiometric device at any of the main source ports, or through a window which is aligned with the cleanroom optical worksurface. The table is computer controlled via GPIB. The chamber also houses a cylindrical thermal shroud with a temperature range of -30