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SPECS ERLEED 150/R6 Auger Optics package

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SPECS ERLEED 150/R6 Auger Optics package. The SPECS reverse view ErLEED optics was originally designed by the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Lehrstuhl für Festkörperphysik). 20 years of continuous development have lead to its current high performance specifications. The ErLEED 100/150 is exclusively manufactured by SPECS. SPECS now offers an improved retraction mechanism with unique reliability and minimized outgassing rates due to reduced friction. Optics are available on DN100CF and DN150CF flanges (ErLEED 100 and ErLEED 150 respectively) with 2, 3 or 4 grids. For both optics integrated retraction mechanisms and multi-segment shutters to protect the optics are available. Two power supplies are offered: an analog version ErLEED 1000A for LEED only and the fully digital version ErLEED 3000D for LEED/AES. To discover more and discuss access to this piece of equipment, please liaise with the Research and Facilities Manager (details below).

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