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° All-in-one, ultra-high definition hand-held camera Observation can be performed without placing the target on the stage or breaking, cutting, or processing the target. With built-in features including an ultra-high definition CCD camera, high-intensity halogen lamp, image-processing circuit, hard disk drive, and CD-R/RW drive, the all-in-one design of the VHX-100 integrates ""observation"", ""recording"" and ""measuring"" functions.

° Maximum 18 million pixels-4 types of high-definition images selectable for your purpose The microscopic movement of the actuator is capable of shifting the 2.11 million-pixel CCD (pixel-shift function). You can select from four options for the number of pixels (18 million/8 million/4 million/2.11 million) according to the observation purpose.

° Digital focusing (Depth composition) function When a conventional microscope is used for observing a target with large projections and depressions, only part of the target can be brought into focus because of the shallow depth of-field. The VHX-100 features extensive depth composition functions to provide an image with overall focus by composing and superimposing images captured at different focus positions. The VHX-100 is packed with digital focusing functions using industry-first technologies. These functions include ""Quick depth composition"" enabling instant composition, ""High-quality depth composition"" ensuring highly accurate images, and the ""3-D display function"" enabling the 3-D display of the composition data.

° Optimal image mode (e-Preview mode) Even first-time users of the VHX-100 can observe effective images by simply pressing the ""OPTIMIZE button"". Pressing the ""OPTIMIZE button"" displays a list of the four types of image modes. Simply click the image best suited for the purpose of the observation to start observation under the optimal mode.

° Bump enhancement function Pressing the ""ENHANCE button"" instantly switches the lighting to the bijective illumination mode that enhances the projections, depressions, and edges.

° Useful observation function for more detailed observations The VHX-100 features the digital zoom function for instantly enlarging the desired area, and the split screen function that splits the screen vertically, horizontally, or into four parts for simplified comparative observations.

° Various image correction functions The VHX-100 features the Wide-range view function for displaying the image with proper brightness even when the target has both excessively dark and bright areas, the Supercharge shutter function for enhancing the brightness of the screen due to insufficient light intensity by extending the shutter time, the Edge enhancement function for emphasizing the edges of the observation area in real time, and the Gamma correction function for emphasizing the outline by enhancing the contrast

° one-touch lens replacement-Inheriting the VH Series lenses The camera unit and lens can be attached and detached with one-touch operation, enabling quick replacement of the lens. The camera unit is compatible with all lens line ups in the VH Series, allowing the users to utilize various lens models in the conventional VH Series. In addition, commercially available C-mount lenses can be attached using the C-mount attachment.

Model: VHX100

Manufacturer: Keyence



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