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Corbett LifeSciences Rotor-Gene 6000 HRM Real Time Rotary Analyser

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Corbett LifeSciences Rotor-Gene 6000 HRM Real Time Rotary Analyser. The Rotor-Gene 6000 is a third-generation real-time rotary analyser. Its unique centrifugal format was designed specifically for the demanding requirements of real-time cycling and thermo-optical analyses. The rotary design provides unparalleled well-to-well thermal and optical uniformity—critical factors in real-time analysis. Its also enables a fast data acquisition rate, a feature now proving to be essential for advanced applications such as HRM (high-resolution melt). This real-time amplification platform is capable of HRM (high-resolution melt) and nucleic acid concentration measurement in addition to all the standard real-time applications like quantitative amplification and SNP genotyping. It has a large optical range, with 6 channels spanning UV to infra-red wavelengths. It uses a wide range of interchangeable reaction tube formats. Photograph for reference only. Please liaise with primary contact to discuss and arrange access.

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