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Fluidigm IFC (Integrated Fluidic Circuit) Controller HX

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Fluidigm IFC (Integrated Fluidic Circuit) Controller HX The EP1 System offers the most efficient solution for low to mid-multiplex SNP genotyping, at very high-sample throughput. It consists of IFC Controllers, the FC1 Cycler, and the EP1 Reader. Together with Dynamic Array integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs), it can provide dramatically lower costs through the use of microfluidics and reusable chips. A fast and easy workflow enables results to be obtained in hours with only minutes of hands-on time. Outstanding data quality is consistently achieved, even with lower quality samples. Additional applications can be performed on the EP1 System using Digital Array IFCs for digital PCR. Applications include copy number variation (CNV) and target quantitation for next-generation sequencing. Digital Array IFCs offer the highest resolution CNV analysis and the most accurate sample quanititation for these applications. IFC Controller HX The Fluidigm IFC Controller HX is designed to prime and load 96.96 Access Array IFCs exclusively. One chip at a time, the HX sets up 9,216 reactions quickly and easily. Key advantages include: Automated setup of 96.96 Access Array IFCs Significantly fewer liquid handling steps compared to conventional platforms Self-contained and fully integrated design Touch screen interface

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