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TFM Cleanroom (class 100) Housing Pre and Post-Process Device Fabrication Tools

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TFM cleanroom (class 100) housing pre and post-process device fabrication tools. Specifically, these are: (1) RF plasma barrel reactor & RV8 rotary pump for ocygen plasma dry etching of diverse substrates and polymers (Quorum Technologies Ltd), (2) ME600 microscope (Nikon UK Ltd), (3) Suss MJB4 UV300 mask aligner for photolithography (Suss Microtec Lithography GMBH), (4) Thin film deposition system for high vacuum deposition of thin metallic films for transport measurement contacts (Edwards Ltd), (5) Kulicke & Soffa model digital 4522 multi process bonder Au-wire ball bonder for electric contacts between devices and device holders (Innovative Microelectronic Production Systems Ltd).

Contact LLANDRO, Dr Justin +441223764096

Contact BARNES, Dr Crispin +441223337487

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