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CMA 600 Microdialysis Analyzer

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The CMA 600 Microdialysis Analyzer is a small clinical chemistry analyzer especially designed for analyzing the small volumes obtained from microdialysis catheters or probes. Reagents are available for glucose, lactate, pyruvate, glycerol, glutamate and urea. The sample tray has 9 positions for direct analysis and 24 positions for batch analysis. There are positions for four reagents and one calibrator. The CMA 600 needs about 1 uL of sample plus the amount required for the different assays. Sample and reagent volumes are controlled by a syringe pump equipped with precision glass syringe of 500 uL. Absorbance measurements are made with a single-beam filter photometer equipped with a LED and filters for 375 and 520 nm. The photometer uses a capillary flow-through cuvette with a volume of 2 uL. The CMA 600 Microdialysis Analyzer analyzes four different analytes per sample and displays the data as trend curves on a computer screen. It is possible to monitor nine catheters or probes simultaneously. The analysis takes approximately 1.5 minutes per analyte and the results are stored immediately on the hard disk to minimize the risk of losing any data.

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