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LS-55 PERKIN ELMER FLUORIMETER LS55 Fluorescent Spectrometer The PerkinElmer LS 55 Fluorescence spectrometer offers flexibility, versatility, reliability and ease-of-use. Based on our popular LS-50B, the LS 55 spectrometer includes a host of auto-mated accessories and software to address a wide range of bio research applications. The LS 55 is built on PerkinElmer's heritage of sensitivity and reliability. A wide range of automated accessories have also been developed for the system making it the system ideal for bioresearchers conducting: Microplate-based measurements Polarization Anisotropy assays Intact cell work Analysis of protein suspensions Applications: fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemi - or bio-luminescence To discover more and discuss access to this piece of equipment, please liaise with the primary contact detailed below.

Contact GIUSSANI, Prof Dino +441223333894

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