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D8 Bruker Discover Diffractometer with 4 circles (B2)

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Bruker D8 theta/theta (ie fixed sample) with 4 circles - omega, 2theta, chi, phi & x, y, z motors, graded mirror (GM - to give a nearly parallel beam), pinholes (to reduce beam size), laser/video microscope (for spatially resolved work), auto-absorber, standard & position sensitive detector (LynxEye, PSD). Some slits motorized. Normally used in reflection mode, has been used in-plane & glancing angle and transmission mode. Has a long parallel collimator and a receiving and anti-scatter slit (can be set up like a beam tunnel). Min step 0.0001° in detector and omega, best instrumental resolution ~0.04° in omega & ~0.04° in 2theta. *Please note: Prerequisite levels of competency and experience are required to operate this equipment - to discover more and discuss access to this piece of equipment, please liaise with the contacts detailed below.

Contact VICKERS, Miss Mary +441223334369

Contact MOSS, Andrew +441223334352

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