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Vicom MX T-series Motion Capture System

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The laboratory contains a high specification Vicon MX T-series motion capture system consisting of twelve cameras. Six cameras are 16 megapixel resolution and the remaining six are 4 megapixel resolution. This enables a capture volume of approximately 8m length x 3m width x 3m height whilst using markers from 14mm to as little as 3mm in diameter. Synchronised with the motion capture system are two Kistler piezoelectric force platforms, one of which is portable enabling it to be repositioned for a multitude of tasks including step-up and step-down movements. In addition there is also a 16 channel Aurion `Zerowire? wireless EMG system to enable the electrical activity of muscles as they contract to be recorded, which is also synchronised with the motion capture system. Other equipment available include; ultrasound imaging, in-shoe pressure distribution, and joint torque measurement systems.



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