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Delta V Mass Spectrometer

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High-sensitivity mass spectrometer capable of measuring isotopes of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and sulphur. The universal triple collector is suitable for all standard applications involving N2, CO, NO, O2, CO2, N2O and SO2. Interfaced with a GasBench peripheral, it has a range of applications which Includes, but is not limited to: • D/H in water through equilibration with H2/Pt • 18O/16O in water through equilibration with CO2 • 18O/16O and 13C/12C from carbonates • 13C/12C of dissolved inorganic carbon • 13C/12C and 18O/16O of CO2 in air • 18O/16O of O2 in air and water • 15N/14N of N2 in air. In combination with the the PreCon peripheral it can also measure: • 13C/12C of CO2 in air (sub-ambient concentrations) • 15N/14N and 18O/16O of N2O in air • 13C/12C of CH4 in air • 15N/14N and 18O/16O of N2O • 15N/14N and 18O/16O of nitrate. It can therefore be used for a wide variety of applications including (palaeo) environmental research, studies of variations in natural abundance in the hydrologic cycle, authenticity control of beverages and honey, use of 18O enriched tracers in human and animal metabolic or forensic studies.

Model: Advantage

Manufacturer: Thermo-Fischer Scientific



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