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Guava Easycyte 6HT-2L Flow Cytometer Base System

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Guava Easycyte 6HT-2L Base System. The Guava Easycyte series includes the single blue (488 nm), dual blue and red (642 nm), or triple blue, red, and violet (405nm) excitation lasers that provide up to 12 simultaneous detection parameters, including 10 fluorescent colours plus forward and side scatter for size and granularity determination. The Easycyte offers both single sample and multi-sample processing and high throughput analysis with a robotic sample tray that automatically handles a 96-well microplate and up to 10 sample tubes. Thought to be located within the Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine (LRM). Please liaise with primary contact to discuss and arrange access.

Contact ALEXANDER, Ms Morgan +441223763237

Contact Durance, Ms Catherine +441223763237

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