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Instron Servohydraulic Test Machine

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+/- 100kN. Actuator and load frame with cross head to base height variable between 1260mm and 61mm.

The actuator has a range of +/-75mm and the load cell has integral accelerometers for inertial mass effect compensation. A 40 l/min servo valve give a good performance: at +/-0.005mm displacement >100Hz depending on load, for displacements of +/- 75mm about 0.1Hz.

The Wave Matrix software gives synchronous data collection up to 5kHz and offers a versatile control system through the use of block programs.

All machines offer control in load, strain, crosshead or an external source. Safety was a high priority in specifying these machines and there are safe limits on all channels available for control.

Model: 8801

Manufacturer: Instron



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