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Fluidigm FC1™ Cycler for Integrated Fluidic Circuits (IFC)

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Fluidigm FC1™ Cycler for Integrated Fluidic Circuits (IFC) The EP1 System offers the most efficient system for high sample throughput SNP genotyping and other applications using end-point reading after PCR. It allows for extremely low running costs and provides the easiest workflow for low- to mid-multiplex SNP genotyping. The EP1 System is also compatible with the world’s first reusable chips for SNP genotyping which will ultimately drive costs to one cent per genotype. FC1™ Cycler The Fluidigm FC1 Cycler is specially designed for thermal cycling of Fluidigm Dynamic Array and Digital Array IFCs. Key advantages include: Fast thermal cycling for SNP genotyping applications Easily scalable to meet throughput requirements Intuitive, easy to use touch-screen interface.

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