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SAWS Hygrometer

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The SAWS Hygrometer is an automatic, continuously controlling condensation hygrometer designed to measure dewpoint temperatures from -75 °C to +60 °C, depending on the model. The system consists of a dewpoint sensing unit and a user interface unit. The measured gas flows through the sensing unit, where it contacts a temperature controlled quartz surface. The quartz surface is monitored for the presence of condensation. The presence or absence of condensation is sensed using surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology. In the measuring mode, the temperature of the quartz surface is varied until condensation exists in equilibrium. The temperature of the sensor element is measured with a temperature sensor bonded on the backside of the quartz substrate. This measured value is used to accurately output the dew/frostpoint temperature. Please liaise with the Research and Facilities Manager (details below) to learn more and discuss access.

Contact JONES, Howard +441223336068

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