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Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope FEG-SEM

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The Carl Zeiss SIGMA Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope FEG-SEM delivers advanced analytical microscopy. Equipped with the GEMINI column with its in-lens secondary electron detection, the SIGMA FEG-SEM provides unparalleled resolution, contrast and brightness for imaging highly topographical samples. The GEMINI column design provides superb low voltage imaging and stability allowing excellent imaging for beam sensitive and non-conducting specimens. The electron source is a field emission gun, which emits electrons in a parallel beam enabling better spatial separation of objects of interest so that structures as small as (circa) 1.5 nm can be resolved. The FEG-SEM is also equipped with a cryopreparation system. Cryo-SEM techniques have become essential for the observation of wet or "beam sensitive" specimens. Using such techniques removes the need for conventional preparation techniques, such as critical point drying or freeze-drying, and allows observation of the specimen in its "natural" hydrated state. Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) is made possible through a retractable STEM detector that can be used to produce both Bright Field (BF) and Dark Field (DF) images. It is also possible to mix the DF and BF signals. An Oxford Instruments 80mm X-Max SDD detector alongside AztecEnergy EDS software provides full elemental analysis capabilities.



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