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Veeco Interferometer

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The NPFLEX 3D Metrology System from Bruker provides the most flexible, non-contact 3D areal surface characterization available on the market for large samples, such as orthopedic medical implants and large and unusual parts routinely seen in aerospace, automotive and precision machining industries. Based on white-light interferometry, the NPFLEX provides data density, resolution, and repeatability beyond what is possible with contact instrumentation, making it ideal as both a complementary technology or as a stand-alone metrology solution. A breakthrough open-gantry design affords over 300 degrees of access to surfaces previously too difficult to analyze due to size or part orientation. The NPFLEX enables superior flexibility, accuracy, and throughput for precision manufacturing, providing an easy path to tighter tolerances, more efficient processes, and better end products.

Model: NP Flex

Manufacturer: Veeco



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