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Large Hydraulic Printing Press (A0)

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"The Beevers Press uses a hydraulic operating system that can generate pressures from almost zero to the highest pressure required for etching.

It is as easy to print etchings at a high pressure as it is to print lithos and blocks at medium to low pressures. A tray system is used for inserting work into the press, and similarly for removing work immediately after the print is made."

This hydraulically operated etching press is designed to overcome the shortcomings of a roller-type printing press which causes damage to plate-edge and paper, reveals a directional ink movement, causes paper 'glide' and 'stretching', lacks a measurable pressure control with 'hit and miss pressure changing' amongst other flaws.


  • Lithographs
  • Linos / blocks
  • Monoprints
  • Embossings
  • Bookbinding
  • Laminating
  • Form-cutting

Model: Beevers Press

Manufacturer: Beevers Engineering Ltd


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