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With its dedicated staff of research support scientists and technical support staff, the David Cockayne Centre for Electron Microscopy provides training and supports applications on the core Departmental EM equipment, with the aim to help researchers obtain the highest possible quality data from the instruments. The facilities can be broadly categorised as transmission electron microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, focussed ion beam systems and other systems. Transmission Scanning: JEOL ARM-200F, JEOL JEM-3000F FEGTEM, JEOL JEM-2100, JEOL JEM-2200MCO FEGTEM. Scanning: JEOL JSM-5510, JEOL JSM-6500F, JEOL JSM-840F, Zeiss Merlin Analytical, Zeiss Merlin - EBSD, Zeiss EVO, Focussed Ion Beam. Focussed Ion Beam: Zeiss NVision 40 FIB-SEM, Zeiss Auriga FIB-SEM, Zeiss Crossbeam 540.

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