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TAM Air Iso-Thermal Calorimeter Iso-Thermal Calorimeter TA Instruments

•27 channel microcalorimetric system, comprising 3 x 8 channel calorimeters and 1 x 3 channel calorimeter•Thermostat control for each calorimeter•Sensitive and stable heat flow measurement in microwatt range•Samples in range 5C to 90C•Able to maintain a stable temperature (+/- 0.020 C)•Twin type calorimeters (sample and reference) with data logging system•8 channel calorimeters with 20 ml glass or plastic ampoules, with capability for in vitro injection of aqueous substrates into the ampoule, evenly across the sample surface to initiate reaction, without opening the ampoule or removing it from the measurement chamber. •3 channel calorimeter with 125 ml glass ampoules•System is suitable for heat flow measurement on samples over extended time periods (measurable in weeks)
Part of Organization: Cranfield Uni


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