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Trace Element ICP-MS Small Research Facility

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Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a powerful trace element analytical technique. The high temperature argon plasma provides considerable energy to excite most elements within the periodic table into ions, which are then measured by the mass spectrometer. The Trace Element ICP-MS Small Research Facility has two ICP-MS instruments, one with a magnetic-sector mass spectrometer and another with a quadrupole mass spectrometer. Both offer rapid scanning, high sensitvity and excellent resolution and detection capabilities. The Trace Element Small Research Facility has fully equipped laboratories and has the capacity and expertise to prepare samples for analysis from a variety of earth systems (e.g. terrestrial and meteoritic rock digests; fluvial, pore and sea waters; leached and digested filters, and marine biological samples). All reagents (including certified calibration standards and quality check standards) used to prepare samples for analysis are provided.

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