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DualBeam (FIB-SEM) Microscope System

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The Dual Beam FIB consists of a high resolution field emission electron column and gallium source ion column combined within the same instrument. This allows milling of cross sections (typically 20 x 5 microns) through samples and subsequent imaging using either electrons or ions.

Typical applications

  • Cross sections through defects and the preparation of TEM samples from specific areas where this is impossible using conventional means. Features observed can be analysed in situ by EDX and EBSD.

Ancillary equipment

  • EDAX PEGASUS, Energy-dispersive X-ray microanalysis (EDX) System.
  • Ultra high speed Hikari, Electron backscattering diffraction (EBSD) camera.
  • RAITH ELPHY QUANTUM lithography package providing advanced nano-patterning/machining capabilities. The system is configured for use with both the electron and ion beams.
  • High speed electrostatic beam blanker.
  • OMNIPROBE micromanipulator.
  • 3 Gas Injectors (Platinum, Insulator enhance etch (IEE) and Selective carbon etch (SCE)).
  • Solid state retractable backscatter detector with low voltage capability.
  • STEM detector with BF and DF modes.

Model: Nova 600 Nanolab Dual Beam

Manufacturer: FEI



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