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The centre has two scientific IR camera systems: An SC7500M and SC7600M LINK WHERE APPROPRIATE. Both of these systems can be used for Thermoelasticity measurements when connected to one of the centre’s tensile testing machines. Thermo-elasticity measurements involve measuring the change in the temperature of the sample under non-destructive cyclical stress.

In addition the two systems can be used for measurements of surface temperature and other measurements.


CAMERA has purchased the two systems to complement each other. The SC7500M has a detector with 320x256 elements and can do 370Hz acquisition rate rising to 20000Hz acquisition by restricting the size. The SC7600M has a detector with 640x512 elements and can capture at 100 Hz rising to 5kHz by restricting the download size of the elements. Both cameras have 14 bit images and are calibrated for 5-300C using the spectral response over 3-5 m. The thermal sensitivity is of the order of 20mK. The systems come with a 50mm F/2 lens and an additional close up lens can be provided if necessary. The system also comes with a computer and a tripod. The software is capable of also detecting and recording analogue signals while the images are being captured.

Additional calibrations to a larger range could be organised in the future if needed, however these need to be done for each lens separately.

More information is available here

Model: SC7500

Manufacturer: FLIR



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