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NMR spectroscopy: JEOL ECZ-R 500 MHz

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The JEOL ECZ 500 MHz NMR spectrometer runs 24-7 with the aid of an auto-sampler and DELTA software installed on a new windows-10 PC. This is our restricted-access spectrometer and runs urgent and advanced experiments during the day with 13C/DEPT/COSY/HMQC etc running during the night. A 5 mm ROYAL (1H-19F-X) gradients probe with auto-tune for 1H/19F and frequencies between 15N and 31P is the default setup. Standard experiments that are available in automation include: Proton, Carbon, DEPT, 19F, 31P, COSY, HMQC, HMBC, NOESY. 13C{19F}, 19F-COSY, 19F-HMQC, 19F-HMBC, 1H-19F nOe/HOESY, 1H{19F}, 19F{1H}, 13C{1H-19F}, 1H{31P}, H2BC, JRES, NOAH, HSQC-ASAP-adiabatic_NUS, T1/T2, auto-multi-solvent suppression, WET, Lanthanide-methods. Manual intervention is usually employed for: variable temperature and selective-1D experiments (homo-nuclear decoupling, nOe, TOCSY, solvent suppression), DOSY, pure-shift, Pure-Shift PSYCHE, TOCSY-Pure_Shift, 1D-Step-TOCSY-NOESY, 11B, 29Si, 195Pt, 15N, deuterium, 77Se, selective-inadequate, etc Non-Uniform sampling (NUS) is employed for most 2D data set acquisitions and covariance is available.

Model: ECZ-R 500 MHz

Manufacturer: JEOL


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