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Bruker AVANCE III HD 700WB solid state NMR

Bruker AVANCE III HD 700 MHz NMR spectrometer, with UltraShieldPlus wide-bore 16.4 T magnet, with four-channel AVANCE III HD console and BSVT (above ambient) and BCU II (down to -40 °C) variable temperature units. Available probes: 2.5 mm CP/MAS HXY, 3.2 mm CP/MAS HXY, 4 mm CP/MAS HX (109Ag-13C), flat coil 1H/13C/15N triple resonance, liquids 5 mm TXI (1H, 13C, 15N) inverse triple resonance, with accompanying BOSS-II shim system.Due to funding some restrictions may apply to the use of this item. For further details please see Geoff Akien or Mark Rushforth.

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