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Becton Dickinson LSRII Flow Cytometer

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The BD LSR II analytical flow cytometer is part of the University of Nottingham Flow Cytometry Facility and can be booked online at

The machine is located in the cardiovascular Medicine Labs D Floor, South Block, QMC. Access and training is available to all members of the University through the Flow Cytometry Facility.

The machine is regularly maintained by BD engineers and is under service contract.

Key Features • U.V. (325nm), Blue (488nm) and Red (633nm) off set lasers. • 8 colours.

Excellent for: • Blue emitting fluorophores such as DAPI, Hoescht dyes and Indo 1. • Bead assays such as cytokine bead arrays. • Hoescht Side population analysis. • Calcium measurements.

Model: LSR II

Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson



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