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Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro System 100 ICP Cobra RIE

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A 200 mm load locked RIE tools with cooled / heated stages and viewing ports with interferometers to monitor the etch depth. An ICP source is used for high density plamas for deep etching of semiconductor materials. The tool has arrived but is being installed and the process capability being developed. The tool is load locked on a cluster tool robot with direct access to ALD and ICP PECVD by vacuum transfer. Gases: Cl2, BCl3, HBr, SiCl4, CH4, CF4, N2, Ar, O2, low flow O2, H2 Materials etched: III-V etching, GaAs, AlGaAs, InGaAs, InP, GaN, AlGaN, high-K, low damage nitride, Au, Pt, Pd, Al, Ti
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