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Oxford Materials Characterisation Service (OMCS)

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OMCS offers a comprehensive service for the investigation of materials and materials related problems. OPTICAL MICROSCOPY: optical and electron microscopes to image and analyse samples providing morphology, micro-analysis and phase determination. SURFACE ANALYSIS: surface analysis techniques to investigate the properties of surfaces including elemental composition and chemistry together with depth profiling and imaging capabilities. X-RAY TECHNIQUES: X-ray techniques to non-destructively investigate the properties of materials, including composition, crystal structure and physical form. MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY: The use of the absorption, emission, or scattering of electromagnetic radiation by atoms or molecules to obtain compositional information about the material of interest and to study physical processes. THERMAL ANALYSIS: Instruments available to determine the thermal properties of materials including thermogravimetric, differential scanning calorimetry and microcalorimetry. PARTICLE SIZE ANALYSIS: A variety of equipment depending on particle size and required analysis.

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