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The JEOL 2100F TEM is equipped with a field emission electron gun (FEG), providing a high brightness and high stability electron source. A point resolution of 0.19nm allows the ultrahigh resolution analysis of materials, on the nanometer scale.

Digital STEM with bright field and dark field detectors and chemical analysis by X-Ray microanalysis or electron energy loss spectroscopy will allow structural and elemental information to be obtained at nanometre scale resolutions. Digital video acquisition allows the recording of dynamic in-situ experiments.

The microscope is equipped with an extensive range of specimen holders. Cryo and environmental-cell holders allow the analysis of temperature and air-sensitive materials. EBIC and STM-TEM holders allow the local electrical and structural properties of samples to be analysed. Heating and environmental cell holders enable the in-situ analysis of chemical changes in samples. Finally, a tomography holder allows the reconstruction of the 3D structure of TEM samples.

The microscope is aligned to operate at both 200kV and 100kV with all detectors and cameras.

Model: 2100F

Manufacturer: JEOL



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