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Triple Quadrupole LC-MS

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Varian 310-MS TQ mass spectrometer with Varian Prostar HPLC system for analytical and preparative analysis. Includes fraction collector.

The Varian 310-MS is a triple quadrupole (QQQ) mass spectrometer with option of ESI (electrospray ionisation) and APCI (atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation) sources. Both sources are 'soft ionisation' sources, that is that they tend to give a molecular ion over fragmentation and are suited for connection to a HPLC flow line.

The QQQ is an alignment of three quadrupoles. Q1 and Q3 act as mass filters which can either be fixed on a single ion mass or scan over a range of masses. Q2 is a collision cell, and can be injected with a small amount of inert gas which induces collision induced dissociation (CID). The most basic configuration is to simply scan with Q1 over a range of masses and fix Q2 and Q3 as ion guides (i.e. no mass filtering). There are a variety of possible modes e.g. selection of a single mass then detection of a broad fragmentation spectrum (for structural information) or selection of a single mass followed by selection of a single fragmentation product (for highly sensitive and selective detection). The detector can be run in positive and negative mode.

HPLC provides a chromatography separation step prior to MS analysis. The sample is injected onto the reverse phase (i.e. hydrophobic stationary phase) column and components of the sample are separated in order of increasing hydrophobicity as the mobile phase elutes the sample through the column.

Currently the HPLC-MS is run as a service (i.e. technician operated) and as an supervised access service (i.e. user operated).

Model: 310-MS

Manufacturer: Varian



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