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Zeiss Xradia 510 High Resolution 3D X-Ray Tomography Microscope

High resolution computed X-ray tomography with in situ loading/heating/cooling. The instrument is designed for: materials science (structural characterization, damage mechanisms); Earth sciences (pore characterization, fluid flow); Life sciences (virtual histology, cellular and sub-cellular structures, developmental biology; and in situ 4D studies (heating, curing, deformation, discharge, wetting, drainage….). It has wide field mode (using image stitching) and high resolution (1 um voxel) at large working distance to facilitate in situ loading, in particular tension and compression up to 5 kN load with temperatures from -20°C to 250°C. Networked data storage and software with a high-memory workstation is available to support multi-user operation and data analysis networked (144 Tb) short-term data storage during analysis and Avizo Fire software for 3D visualisation and quantitative analysis.

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