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Leica DMLM Reflectance/Transmission Optical Microscope

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Transmitted/Reflected light trinocular inspection microscope, used as a high performance research tool for materials analysis.

With HC Plan 10x eyepieces. Three standard Plan objectives (5x, 10x and 50x).

Equipped with a high brightness LED & tungsten halogen light source. Motorised Z-axis stage with Z-stacking (multi focal imaging) capability. 3d Capability enabled.

Methods of analysis include bright field, dark field and polarised light. Specific 10x and 50x objectives for supplementary Mettler Toledo FP82HT hot stage and FP90 controller, giving a temperature capability range from -60 to 375 degrees centigrade.

Leica high definition 12-bit camera configured to Leica LAS 4.3 digital image acquisition software.

Additional time lapse capture using the Leica HD camera, primarily used for hot stage applications.

Further objectives include 100x oil immersion lens for use with reflected light, 5x Michelson interferometer system and 50x Mirau interferometer system.

Model: DMLM

Manufacturer: Leica


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