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Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

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The Multimode model AFM uses sample scanning to obtain topographic and phase imaging materials surface. The sample size is limited to 1 cm2. This equipment can image samples using the Contact mode or Tapping mode. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) probes the physical and chemical characteristics of a surface under both ambient and fluid conditions. Surface topography with simultaneous phase or friction mapping can detect variations in surface composition, friction, adhesion and viscoelastic properties with nanoscale resolution. Contact Mode AFM measures topography by sliding a tip attached to a cantilever over the sample surface. The tip is in direct contact with the sample, therefore variations in topography cause deflections in the cantilever which are then converted into height information. Tapping Mode AFM measures topography by lightly tapping the surface with an oscillating tip. Variations in oscillation amplitude of the cantilever are used to map the surface.

Model: NanoScope IV Dimension 3100 Atomic force Microscope (AFM)

Manufacturer: Veeco



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