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150 m² of cleanroom space, class 10,000. * Measurement Suite: 236 Source measure unit, 2410 HV Digital Sourcemeter, 2420 HC Digital sourcemeter,590 CV Analyser,2361 Trigger control unit, 7001 80 CH Switching system with installed 7065 Hall Effect Card. * Metal Deposition: Eurocoater thermal evaporator and the EBS-1800 e-beam deposition equipment. * Yellow Area for Photolithography: Quintel Q4000-6 Mask Aligner. * Reactive Ion Etching: Plasmalab RIE-80 Plus. * Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD): Plasmalab DP-80 Plus. * Wafer Microscope: Olympus BX51 reflective microscope. * Rapid Thermal Annealing system: Jipelec Jetfirst Rapid Thermal Annealing Processor.

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