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Polaron Emitech SC7640 Sputter Coater

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Bench-top sputter coating system with 165mm chamber and gold/palladium sputtering target. The sputter coater produces a fine grain, even coating ideally suited for depositing layers over a wide area. Typical applications include coating of non-conducting SEM or TEM samples. Coating thickness depends on time and current, but normally in the region of 1-20 nanometers.

The coating time is monitored with a 999 second timer with 1 second resolution. Pressure levels and plasma currents are monitored by analogue meters.

Two modes of operation:

  • Automatic, for standard coatings
  • Manual operation, Complete control of all parameters.

Sample stage is height adjustable and can be removed if necessary for large samples.

Model: Emitech SC7640 Sputter Coater

Manufacturer: Polaron


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