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Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter

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The Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP Flow Cytometric Cells Sorter is part of the University of Nottingham Flow Cytometry Facility and can be booked online at

The machine is located in the core Flow Cytometry Facility A Floor, West Block, QMC. Access and training is available to all members of the University through the Flow Cytometry Facility.

The machine is regularly maintained by Beckman Coulter engineers and is under service contract.

Key Features Sorting • High speed sorting – up to 65,000 cells per second. • 4 way sorting, allowing 4 independent populations to be sorted simultaneously. • Direct sorting into microplates or onto slides. • Single cell cloning. • Housed in Class II cabinet for improved sterility and biosafety. Analysis • Violet (405nm), Blue (488nm), Green (561nm) and Red (633nm) lasers, offset and focussed through pinhole to separate detector arrays (Violet and Green co-linear). • 14 colours. • High speed digital data acquisition. • Each parameter available as peak height, area, width, log height, log area. • Post acquisition compensation.

Model: MoFlo XDP

Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter



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