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100 L fermenter

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Bioprocessing pilot plant facilities 2 x 100L Fermenters ( Pierre Guerin.) Bought with Advantage West Midlands Biohydrogen funding in 2007 these two state-of-the-art large scale stainless steel vessels are fully automated with sterilisation and fermentation cycles and are fully computer controlled. Set in parallel to each other, they can be operated entirely independently. They are designed for microbial fermentation and hydrogen production, and can be used to grow organisms at ACDP and ACGM class 1. They can be used to grow aerobic and anaerobic cultures, sparging with air (via a compressor) or nitrogen (via a nitrogen generator) in batch and fed-batch modes. Aeration is regulated by a cascade control (airflow / agitator speed) via a DOT probe. pH and antifoam control loops are also present. Sensor and process data are logged on the control computer. Online off-gas analysis is possible with a Thermo Fisher Prima db mass spectrometer. Biomass can be harvested using a Carr Centritech powerfuge (BioProcess Engineering Services Ltd). Cells can be disrupted using a Constant Systems pilot-scale disruptor.

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